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Show Me How You Do It
Comments make me HAPPY!!

"Hiro, baby, show me how you do it."
When he came back home late that night, that's what he said to me. Sitting on the desk chair grinning, lust in his eyes, he was waiting. I think he was kind of drunk, but to tell the truth, I didn't care. I had done this so many times, when he was lying so close yet so far, on his own bed, thinking I was sleeping. I had imagined this so many times, in the dark, listening to his soft breathing. Tadashi, if only you knew what I'm thinking while you're lying there. He had no idea... Or so I thought. That night, I could see I was the one who had been fooled. And I didn't give a shit, and I complied eagerly, whatever shame I may feel, I just wanted to see him look at me this way forever.

Sooooo, errr..... Yep, that's Hiro, who just finished... You know what X)  My god, I felt so pervy while drawing this. But I can't lie... I enjoyed it so much! XD 
Hiro is just HOT. Sorry Tadashi is not on the pic, but he's watching (doing whatever you want to imagine) ;)

You're Alive in my Dreams by shoko4
You're Alive in my Dreams
To make it short..... I (finally) saw Big Hero 6.... Fell in love with Hiro (and Tadashi).... And drew my first picture of the Hamada brothers.
I like to think that Hiro is still able to meet Tadashi in his dreams... This is kind of a sad picture.... Why did you die, Tadashi?? Why!!?
Hi everyone!!

This is my first journal ever.... As I thought I had nothing interesting to say X)
But some (kind) deviants told me they would be glad to have news of the SoMa doujin I'm making through journals... So here it is!!

Today I'm proud to tell that I FINALLY completed the 1st step, INKING. Yep. I finally finished drawing the story, and today I inked the last page of it. This makes a total of 47 pages. Gosh it took me so much time to arrive here, you can't imagine!! So today is an important day, yay!!
I even took a picture to celebrate and show you :D…

Now, more than half of the work remains... Second step will be, applying the screentones. As it is the first time I will use them, I feel nervous!! If any of you have some experience with screentones (not digital) or advice, I'll be glad to hear from you!
Third and last step will be scanning and adding the texts and sounds.

I still have a long way to go!
I'd like to thank all of you who showed interest in this project and are supporting me!! Your support is what makes me go on!! :D

Take care everybody!!


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
''I'm Still Here''

I am a question to the world
Not an answer to be heard
Or a moment that's held in your arms

And what do you think you'd ever say
I won't listen anyway
You don't know me
And I'll never be what you want
Me to be

And what
Do you think you'd understand
I'm boy, no, I'm a man
You can't take me
And throw me away

And how
Can you learn what's never shown
Yeah, you stand here on your own
They don't know me
'Cause I'm not here

And I want a moment to be real
Want to touch things I don't feel
Wanna hold on and feel I belong

And how can the world want me to change
They're the ones that stay the same
They don't know me
'Cause I'm not here

And you see the things they never see
All you wanted - I could be
Now you know me
And I'm not afraid

And I want to tell you who I am
Can you help me be a man
They can't break me
As long as I know who I am

And how can the world want me to change
They're the ones that stay the same
They can't see me
But I'm still here

They can't tell me who to be
'Cause I'm not what they see
Yeah, the world is still sleepin' while I keep on dreaming for me
And their words are just whispers and lies that I'll never believe

And how can you say I'll never change
They're the ones that stay the same
I'm the one now
'Cause I'm still here

Current Residence: Tokyo
Favourite genre of music: Movie/anime OST
Favourite style of art: Manga
Operating System: Windows XP
Wallpaper of choice: Kosaka Kirino
Favourite cartoon character: Soul Eater Evans
Personal Quote: Imagination is more important than wisdom.

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Send this to ten friends including me.
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